Search api authorization



Hello everyone
Kindly I want to use search api to search for some topics & hash tages
and I want the result to be json format so I can insert it on database and make some analysis on it

The Issue is the database can query https url
what should I add to url to authanticate , Note I don’t care about security as it is quize



You’ll be better off using one of the libraries to authenticate your requests rather than trying to do it manually:

You can write a short search script in whatever language you prefer, that can then retrieve tweets & load them into the database.


The Issue is that I am not very good in programming So if there are an method manullay will be great
If you can write a simple program in java that search for key word and get the output as a json file



I can recommend if you want to get up and running with downloading tweets & some analysis quickly without coding effort - TAGS works with google sheets - which can be saved as CSV for easy importing to something else.

Example of what you can do without much engineering effort:

Might help with some exploratory analysis to see if it’s worth investing more coding time!