Search API and the Indian Elections


The Indian Elections will take place next year. I monitor 40 politicians and their activity on Twitter on two basic parameters, the tweets they write which is small number and the tweets they are mentioned in which is a much larger number. So far everything was working as advertised. Twitter then changed the Search Limits and Search was now rate limited to an unknown amount, but I could capture around 40,000 tweets in two hours every day, which I did once a day. Now the Rate Limits are public and subject to 180 requests an hour. This means that I am allowed access to a maximum of 15,000 tweets a day which is too small a number for what I am trying to do.
I know that I have access to the Streaming API which I can use because my code is in the cloud. The only problem there is that if I start monitoring say a 100 politicians, I will run afoul of the search limit length or complexity.
Can Twitter please increase the limit from 180 to say a respectable 1000, I am sure that’s not asking for too much.
Secondly can I ask Twitter Search to give me all tweets from a certain day say all tweets after the 7th of June and not until the 7th of June.