Search API and Auth


Hi folks,

Is possible invoke twitter search api (statuses/user_timeline) and make authenticated calls and extend limit to 350 request?

Anyone got some example? Im using PHP (its a script, not web application)

Theres my code:

           $url = "".$last_id ."&page=" . $page . "&count=200&screen_name=". $user ;
           $twitter = file_get_contents($uri);
           $fede = json_decode($twitter,true);
           $max = count($fede);
           for ($i=0;$i<$max;$i++)



Hi @justfede,

The statuses/user_timeline isn’t a “Search API” but what we refer to as a timeline API.

To use authentication with this API, you’ll need to use a little bit of OAuth. Since you’re just writing a script, you’ll want to use the “easy” method of using your own access token that can be provided on an app you’ve registered at

See [node:124] for more information, and code samples in PHP that you can easily adapt to your use case.


Thanks you, its very useful!

another question, the limit is associated with my ip address or my application ? (with auth calls)

Thank you.


With your IP address. You have 150 requests per hour for unauthenticated traffic per IP address, and 350 requests per hour per user for authenticated traffic per IP address.