Scrolling with a Quick Menu Options visible causes them to disappear


My other topics on this are pretty old (and closed due to that) at this point so I thought I would bring it up again:

When a user has some quick reply buttons that are available and they say scroll up to see an image presented in the DM they’re hidden on iOS ONLY – this has continued to be a huge pain point for our users. A decent percentage of people have no idea that the hamburger menu does anything.

Is there any update on when this might be addressed? It’d be great if it just stuck around unless you explicitly hide it like it does on the Android version of the official twitter app.


Are you able to provide a screenshot of this behavior? I’m trying to see if I can replicate on my end but don’t seem to be able to.


Go to

Type anything or hit the “I’m in” button

Then scroll up and down in your DM Window.

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