Scrolling data from user timeline



So I am trying to extract all of the user tweets, need more than 3200 tweets. I know there is a limit of 3200 tweets by statuses/user_timeline endpoint but can I update the since_id like an offset to get further back tweets?
based on mentioned below.
or is there a limit on since id as well


No, unfortunately the only way to get older than last 3200 is the Premium search


So if I specify the since_id as the id of the last 3200 tweet would it then give me the last tweet before 3200…
Also is it premium search or is it related to user timeline data…
Can we search tweets for a scpefic user and specify the time range


If you try to page back beyond 3200 with since_id, max_id like in you’ll get empty results.

And yes, the premium search can specify date ranges and limit to tweets from a specific user