Scrollbar' slider missing on ie8


I ran into a problem where the scrollbar’s slider is missing when viewed on IE8. With this issue, i’m unable to scroll down the stream box to view earlier tweets. Although, the scrollbar is not disabled by a css or using data-chrome. I’m not sure whether something is overwriting it. Maybe a css, for instance, but the twitter feed is from another domain.

Has there been any issue related to this before? The height of the streaming feed seems to run pass the intended height. Therefore, the scrollbar’s slider is unavailable.

I have no problem with this issue on later versions of IE and other modern browsers.

Please help. Thanks in advance.


Please include a URL where the problem is visible. In all examples I check with IE8 the timeline is rendering OK.




Thank you for the reply.

I actually learned that when the timeline is used in a hide and show event such as the toggle(). This is when the scrollbar’s slider is disabled in IE8. As a result, i wasn’t able to scroll down to view older tweets.

The timeline does renders OK when it is inlined on the page.


@benward - Below is the sample link showing the issue when using the toggle().