Script to download keyword tweets within a specific time period over past 30 days?


I have recently created a dev environment w/ Twitter - I am looking to download tweets based upon a certain keyword (or two) from a time period earlier this month (within past 30 days). As a social science researcher I am a bit less knowledgeable in the realm of creating scripts to download the necessary information. Does anyone by chance have a script and/or link to a description of how to collect the data I’m interested in?

In addition, is a gnip account necessary? Are beta testers provided with this?

Many thanks.


The standard search API will only enable you to look for data in the past 7 days. You’d want to request access to the premium 30-day search API for greater access. There’s a sandbox tier which is free to use up to a certain number of requests per month.

Depending on your level of programming experience, you may find our Python search Tweets library useful.

No Gnip (enterprise) API should be necessary unless you’re looking to access a significant quantity of data. The enterprise APIs require annual subscription.