screen_name is null when requesting user_timeline


Hi Folks,

We’ve recently retooled our V1 API call to use the 1.1API, it’s mostly working very well.

The issue we have is that in V1, the user object of the tweet would have the Screen_Name field populate. In 1.1 it now comes back as Null; which is slightly annoying as we used that field to make a reply link, that would vary depending on the account we were processing.

Similarly, the user_id field always seems to come back as 0.

I’ve tried alternating between trim_user options and that makes no difference.

Does anyone have any advice about this problem ?

PS: The reason we don’t just use the screen name we searched for directly, is that we handle the response from Twitter via a Jquery callback.


User.id_str is also null :frowning:


I’ve looked into this a bit further; it appears that this is being caused by LinqToTwitter.

If I query directly, these fields are populated.


In LinqToTwitter, you can find user identification information in the UserIdentifier property. This is to give you the information that Twitter returns, without overwriting the parameter information you used when initiating the query.

Here’s the FAQ for more info:


Hi Joe,

Thanks, yes I found that - the problem was that I was trying to pass the response directly out to some old webservices that we can’t currently upgrade to use 1.1; I’ve implemented a sort of proxy to allow this old code to call the new API by simply changing the URL to my proxy instead of Twitter.
Managed to solve that now anyway!