Screen Name Changed


I’m using the statuses/update method to post a reply to a user.
The user had sent a tweet using (for example) @pepe as his username.
The tweet was replied by me to that user, but in the meantime, he changed his username to @pepito.
My replied tweet was sent and its visible to all the users.

Is there something I’m missing or this is the expected result?

(I’m using the in_reply_to_status_id parameter to reply to the user)


Sadly this is still an issue. I was surprised that this is the only thread I could find that mentions that.

Circumventing this by specifying @[userid] would be a simple solution, but as far as I know that’s not possible.

Does anybody know another easy way to handle users changing their screennames (without the need to permanently query for updated names)?


No, there are no changes in this area, so I’m not aware of how you would enable the behaviour you’re seeking. Keeping an eye on the user’s Twitter ID is a more reliable way to ensure you use the correct screen_name.