Scraping v Crawling


Hi Guys,

On this URL: it states you can crawl the Twitter site but not scrape it.

I need to do the following (as the API is limited) and wonder if any of these points would constitute scraping it?

Look at a Tweet URL directly i.e. /status/ID and get

  1. Number of Favourites
  2. Number of Retweets
  3. Number of Replies (bearing in mind the API doesn’t support this)
  4. Store what the actual replies are

Going to a profile page and get the number of Followers for a user

The tweet would be made through the API but the data back is rate limited so I wonder if getting the key bits of data would then be a better route. I appreciate the Site Stream API exists but am wary that it will take much time to apply and get approved and had hoped based on forum posts you could follow 5000 users however yesterday I found out this isn’t in fact possible.