Scraping temporary for statistics


Dear Twitter support,

In order to take the statistics of the data, I think that I extracting the data from the search results of the Twitter timeline.
However, I can not get data of 10/20 or earlier.
(I know that this is a specification of the Twitter API.)

The term prohibits the scraping and API has limitation.
Under the following conditions, would you allow temporary the data acquisition of the API or scraping from Web data?

Aggregate benchmark data of the game

Period of information that I want to get
2013/10/20 from 2013/8/1

Search key


Estimated number of data

Number of the full scraping operation is 1 times .
(For testing, I may scraping a partial crawl several times.)

If you allow it, Please reply.



No, do not scrape Twitter for data.

Consider either obtaining historical data from [node:10382, title=“our certified partners”] or focusing on a dataset from the future and tracking it via the Streaming API instead.


Thank you for the quick reply.
I’ll try to examine the partner.