Scottish (or comprising countries) Twitter Trends



I was wondering if there were plans for a Scottish twitter trends section or for a trends section for each of the other countries that comprise in the making up of the United Kingdom. I note that US state trends for example Chicago are visible below the top level of the USA with smaller populations than some of the countries that make up the UK.




While the countries aren’t explicitly available, the cities are, so for example: these are all the trends available that includes Scottish and Welsh and Northern Irish Cities.

That link is old but i don’t think it changed recently, you can try to request that again with twurl to make sure. Unfortunately, that means you have to merge / aggregate those WOEIDs yourself.



Thanks for this. This means it is possible to change, right?

I do like the idea of cities being listed but there is new cities being created all the time and defining which particular city is worthy of having its trends shown does bring about controversy.

That being said simply leaving the trends at the U.K. level is simply ‘too large’ for a state that size of over 65 million. Therefore I feel it makes more sense for the U.K. to be to broken up into ‘blocks’ that allow greater representation of topics of interest.


At present there are no plans to change the scope of the Trends API. I certainly hear you when you’re frustrated with the granularity available, but there’s nothing on the roadmap to modify how the regions work here.


Okay. Thanks for getting back to me.

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