scoped_timeline + VIDEO_VIEWS does not work



I have been unable to get the scoped_timeline endpoint to return any data when passing objective=VIDEO_VIEWS.

The accounts I am trying on have video player cards which were created natively, and can be promoted natively, but do not come back from the scoped_timeline?objective=VIDEO_VIEWS.

I understand that this objective is in closed beta, but our representatives have informed us that we should be able to pull this data.

2802227611 is an example twitter account, which has player cards.


Any information available? We are unable to run VIDEO_VIEWS campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Access video app cards through the ads API?

@jasonshaev this is a known bug which we will investigate internally - if there are any updates we will be sure to get back to you with the relevant information.


@andrs Thanks!


@andrs Do you have any update on this issue? We are also struggling with this issue.


Unfortunately there are no updates at present. This is a tricky one, but it’s on our radar.


Just following up here - this should now be working as expected. Do try it out and let us know if you have any issues.


Thanks @andrs. Will report back as soon as we have tested this.


Hey @andrs, we tried this out again and it looks like we are still not receiving any data for SCOPED_TIMELINE for a VIDEO_VIEWS objective. Please see the screenshot below:

Let us know if you need additional data.

VIDEO_VIEWS Objective Campaigns: Available through the API yet?

@msbukkuri I am wondering if the issue in this case might be related to the fact that GET accounts/:account_id/scoped_timeline retrieves up to 200 of the most recent promotable tweets. As per the docs:

When filtering by objective, we will fetch the first set of promotable Tweets and then filter those appropriate for the objective.

Given the above, there might be more than 200 promotable tweets that were created after the tweet that would match the VIDEO_VIEWS objective.

Could you provide us with a twurl request that reproduces this and the id of the tweet that you expect should be returned?


@andrs Here is the twurl that you requested.

This returns tweets, some with video:

twurl -t -H "/0/accounts/18ce53yrq2p/scoped_timeline?user_ids=3073813016&objective=CUSTOM" | python -m json.tool

This does not:

twurl -t -H "/0/accounts/18ce53yrq2p/scoped_timeline?user_ids=3073813016&objective=VIDEO_VIEWS" | python -m json.tool

Let me know if you have any issues or need additional information.


@msbukkuri I think I might be missing something - looking at your twurl requests and in relation to the user_id of 3073813016, that account has no tweets with video, so I don’t see anything wrong? That user has 5 tweets, all of them have text and/or images, none have a video though.