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Is it possible to schedule tweets, not only with the time that they are going live, but selecting certain times during the day that we want them to be on or off as we can do on Facebook? Otherwise, our client won’t allow us to advertise on Twitter.

This what we would like to replicate on Twitter (as we are doing on Facebook):



Thanks for the question, @Javier_Mombiela.

This functionality isn’t something that’s built in. What you could do is pause the line item (a.k.a. ad group) during the off hours and unpause during the on hours. Or, if you wanted to do this at the ad level, you could delete the promoted Tweet during the off hours and recreate (i.e., POST accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets) during the on hours. (We can talk about why delete vs pause or you could search for that through the forums.)



Hi @juanshishido,

Thank you for your kind reply. It’s been helpful to understand how it works. However, we don’t have enough resources to be posting/pausing the ads all the time every day and, as our client doesn’t allow us to keep the ads running when the office is closed, we won’t be able to advertise on Twitter for now.

Hope you include that feature in the future.

Kind regards,

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