Saving Access Tokens (manual session creation)


Our users log into our app using the traditional un/pw approach but have the option of linking their account with a Twitter account for easy shares. Is it possible to save their access tokens so that the next time they login I can automatically create a Twitter session for them without having them go through the authentication flow?

TWTRSession has a method that appears to offer this functionality: initWithSessionDictionary

But I cannot get it to work. I tried creating a dictionary using data from an existing session (authToken, authTokenSecret, userID, userName) but got the following error:

[TwitterKit] initWithAuthToken:authTokenSecret: Invalid parameter not satisfying: authToken


I have encountered same issue. TWTRSession(sessionDictionary:) is useless without knowing the actual format of the dictionary.


I meet same problem. How did you solve it. I want that a user login app, next time app shouldn’t ask allowing to information.


This seems to be a very strange error.
Please go in Settings app, and check account on Twitter, you will see that account can’t connect to TW.
Delete and add again.
And will work.


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