Sandboxed frame issue while using twitter player card



With reference to our earlier post:; please note that twitter’s player cards have stopped working for our site although they were working fine since past 2 years or so.

The issue we get in browser console is <Failed to load ‘’ as a plugin, because the frame into which the plugin is loading is sandboxed.>. The URL which we are trying is

When we try the same URL in card validator; same thing happens. Would anybody be able to help us resolve the issue. The domain is already white-listed/validated as depicted in the validation test.



First of all, I’m really sorry that you’ve hit this issue.

It looks like the player on your website is using Flash, so when one of the URLs is Tweeted, the twitter:card player tags in your web pages point to a Flash object.

We announced that we would sandbox (no longer be supporting) these kinds of players for new partners in August last year. In April we announced that we would discontinue support for Flash in any of our cards, and switched off support in June.

Moving to HTML5 and more modern technologies means that we are able to provide a better experience across the board on both web and mobile platforms.

There are some suggestions for how to migrate your players to more modern technologies in our announcement post, which is the third link above. We also have a sample player card shared in our Github:

Apologies for any gap in communication here that caused you to miss the update, we do work hard to provide notice with changes like these, and posted as much information as we could over an extended period to support cases like this.



Thanks for the update. Probably we missed the notification. We have tried to make changes to the player as recommended in the github example but, still no luck. We have used m3u8 URL as stream. Here’s the new URL:

Would you be able to help us out with this please?



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