Sandbox apps for developers still pending


Hi, we currently have a Premium Account Activity subscription at 100 users.

We also need to setup per developer apps, but that requires Sandbox approval.

Is there any way to expedite the process of approving the following app IDs for sandbox account activity knowing that we are already paying for a Premium account.

At Conversable we are using the Premium Account Activity API (100 accounts at $1,199 per month) for the Conversable App and account:

  • (omitted app please DM if we need to share this)

We have a team of developers that also need access to the Sandbox Account Activity API to allow for developer testing of new features to the Conversable SaaS platform for building out automated DM experiences.

We’ve applied for Sandbox API access for the following accounts/apps but have not been approved. Is there any way to expedite that process as it falls under the umbrella of an already approved Premium Account Activity API subscription:

Account / App ID


Hey @dougnukem,

Thanks for writing in. You should be adding all of these @handles to your organization account as opposed to having them all apply for their own individual accounts. I am working with a colleague to identify the best path forward, and will make sure to get back to you early next week. In the meantime, please hold tight, as you will not be able to add them to your team account since they are in the application process.

More to come,


Hey @dougnukem,

Thanks again for writing in. We are not expediting account approvals at the moment. Please do make sure to add any future @handles to the team account.

We are not expediting account approvals at the moment.


I can work on adding users to the @conversable organization, in the meantime do you have a timeline on the normal approval process for Sandbox accounts (it’s been over a month or so for most of the applications).

Also just want to confirm that if we do add multiple developer accounts and they create apps that they will be able to have individual Sandbox dev environments (limited to 5 twitter account subscriptions) with their own unique webhooks so that each of our developers can work independently (e.g. we won’t be limited to a single sandbox webhook which will not work, or limited to 5 accounts)


Using multiple premium developer accounts for the same business use case is not permitted. Can you clarify why you have applied with so many users and what these other accounts/appIDs are used for here? If you are trying to extrapolate your allowed subscriptions/access level by using multiple accounts for the same purpose we will not approve, you should upgrade your approved account for more access.

Developers that are added to your team account will share the access at the account level, for example, if you have 10 developers/admins on your approved developer account, they will all share the 100 subscriptions on that account. Having multiple users on an account does not multiply the number of subscriptions, only one appID can be ‘whitelisted’ as a dev environment for the Account Activity API which is listed in the dev environments page.

If your developers would like to have personal accounts for other use cases, they can apply with another @handle, but if we find that you are abusing this functionality, we will terminate your access to the service.


@LeBraat, the use case we’re currently trying to support is that each of our developers that are building on the Twitter Account Activity DM API have their own servers to do local feature testing so they need their own unique webhook environment and a sandbox set of Twitter accounts to subscribe to (e.g. 5).

These local sandbox developer setups are crucial for being able to test features, they are in no way meant as a way to extrapolate the number of accounts or used in anyway as production accounts this is simply for sandbox testing.

Currently we are restricted to 2 total webhooks on our premium account which only allows us to setup a Staging/Production type setup, when we really need to be able to setup multiple webhooks for each developers local test servers.

We are fine if the total number of accounts stays at 100 (ideally our 15 or so local testing accounts would be part of a sandbox quota as they are not meant as production apps) , but the fact that we can only have 2 total webhooks is causing a major roadblock for us, that’s why I assumed the Sandbox account activity APIs were meant for local developer testing and we applied for them individually.


I’ll sync with my team to see if this is a use case that we are going to support. More to come.


Hey @dougnukem

Per our Policy - I.F.5.a - it states Do Not - Use a single application API key for multiple use cases or multiple application API keys for the same use case .

As you are describing the actions you are trying to take, I would say you are attempting to use multiple application API keys for the same use case (for your business).

You should be using the same API key for your team’s dev environment(s), then use a second webhook for your prod environment. If you need more access, we would love to talk with you about using enterprise access.

If you apply for enterprise access and get stuck, feel free to ask the account manager to loop me in and we can chat further.


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