Sample iOS for showing any users Stream


So - we didn’t get on the blog in a while and just found out API 1 is gone. So, lets move on.
In our iOS App, we just show a stream of our latest tweets. No reply, no favorite, anything like that. Just a read only stream.
Not all of our users have an account on Twitter - but we kind of use it as a “Keep up to date” thing.

Can we still show a feed of our account in our iOS App? I see all this stuff about authentication. Can I make my application authenticate and the user can see the timeline if they do not have a Twitter account?

If so, anyone have a sample? I found this: but I am not sure that is what I really need.

We examined Widgets today, but are not able to disable the links or remove the action buttons.

Anyone help? We are a non-profit organization and could use some help.