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Hi, I have a site created on Wix.
When trying to share my posts’ urls, the post’s image and title aren’t displyed even though the twitter card is set correctly and validation passes. For example:
Any idea?


You don’t have any Twitter-specific card markup on that page, but there is some OpenGraph og markup which is used as a fallback to generate a Twitter summary card. There’s no twitter:image or og:image tag in the page so there’s no way for Twitter to show an image in the card.

Check the troubleshooting post and the documentation for more help.


There are twitter cards. please see attached.


No, that content is not visible to me on that URL, either on the browser view source window, or via a command-line query using curl -A Twitterbot <url> as described in the troubleshooting post. You’ll need to figure out why there’s a difference. It could be that the wrong state is being cached somewhere, but we are unable to help you with that.


Thanks for the input. I guess this is because the site is JS generated.
I wonder, though, why the card validator didn’t reflect it…


Because the card validator sees the (static non-JS inserted) og tags but not the JS inserted Twitter tags.

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