Sabotaging other apps


So I asked this to platform twice after restrictions with no reply but I think it’s important.

(Quick back story: Our app has struggled with multiple restrictions due to a “large number” of spam reports against it’s actions (which by itself makes no sense because you can’t mark a follow or unfollow as spam). Anyway, this whole thing reeks of something fishy. We’re not a large app, we only get about 80-100 users on per day and every single action is explicitly done by the user with zero automation. It is absurd to think that a “large number” of users marked it as spam since:
A. There’s nothing spammy about our application. Nothing. Zilch.
B. Even if there was something spammy (there’s not), I would think it would take more users than we have to even get a “large number” of users marking it as spam anyway).

Ok, backstory done. Now the question that developed in our heads while thinking about this…

Is there anything in place to prevent an organization (or individual) from sabotaging a competing application by mass marking the app as spam (whether by employees or bot networks or any other black hat method)? Is the Twitter bot smart enough to recognize this? We started to wonder about this possibility solely due to the fact that it makes absolutely no sense that any user would mark our app as spam, let alone a “large number” of users (whatever that means). And so we’re thinking there has to be something else going on.

Thoughts? Any insights would be appreciated and if this hasn’t been considered before, we would very appreciate if Twitter would take some time looking into this possibility.


I’d realllly like a response to this since platform has ignored this question from me multiple times.