Running server-side keyword searches on behalf of multiple mobile client app users


Hello, and thanks in advance for your responses and help. I am writing this on behalf of my developer team, and we need to understand clearly what is the best way to handle our specific use case need below:

  1. We are developing a mobile app that will accept user requests for keyword based searches from our various mobile users.

  2. This means that our server side app will accept these keyword based requests from multiple user clients, and will need to interact appropriately with the best suited Twitter API to receive the result sets (and correspondingly distribute them back to the relevant clients).

  3. It is important to note that our users’ are looking to search across the popular/recent (result_type=mixed) public tweets, and are NOT using our app to search within their OWN Twitter timelines / universes. At the same time, naturally, we will want to ensure scalability, by applying the Twitter limits on a per user basis (rather than only for our server side app), because we are firing these searches only on behalf of our users (rather than any other app / script / or for ourselves).

  4. Once we serve up the result set Tweets to each relevant end-user client mobile, the end-users can click through directly to Twitter and at that point they can provide their own sign-in credentials (or get them for the first time, for that matter), as appropriate.

Given this use case, will be very much obliged if I could receive clear step-wise directions of what approach is best recommended for us.

Thanks again!