Running One Job ID + Getting Multiple Back in Twitter Response


Hi Twitter Team,

We’re running into issues when trying to pull stats at promoted tweet level for app install campaigns.

We’re requesting a job ID for one entity. When we then run that job id, it seems there might be some caching system going on, because Twitter returns multiple job ids, including jobs for entities that we had not requested.

I would like to be able to share the calls / returns themselves, could someone please reach out to me via email?


Hey @fjcatd33 ,

Thank you for your question. In order for us to investigate further, can you provide the following information?

  • Your ads account id
  • The relevant line_item and campaign id’s
  • The entire request and response bodies for the API calls using twurl
  • Expected vs actual response



This is also a problem that we have. I did not bother making an issue. It has been around for months. We just filter the result and return the job that was requested out of the Twitter response.



(Note to other folks here, some details around request and response were shared offline)

The parameter for this endpoint is job_ids={number}, apologies for inconsistency in documentation there.

The id for this particular parameter is 64-bit, so if for example you grab the id output from “jq” jsonparser (which apparently doesn’t do well with 64 bits) the resulting number will be incorrect (instead you can compare against id_str), but when you output with jsonpretty or a tool that handles them well you can see it will be output without a problem. However even if you pass an invalid job ID to job_ids, it should return zero results instead of multiple. Passing job_id is what will likely give behavior of “multiple jobs returning”, so please double check behavior when using job_ids and with checking the ID itself.