Rules Affecting Automated Twitter Account to Help Lost Pets




I am interested in developing a Twitter application or bot that helps users who have seen or captured a lost pet or who have lost a pet themselves. As one of the 15-year-old programmers who created, a lost pet database, I’d like to build something that:

  • Finds people who have lost a pet and automatically sends them sightings that have been reported to FindALostPet and that are nearby and of the same species
  • Perhaps suggest FindALostPet to Twitter users who have lost pets
  • Perhaps suggest FIndALostPet to Twitter users who have found lost pets

I understand that these last two items border on spam, so, unless you think otherwise, I definitely won’t be doing those. However, the first item is a bit more possible, if questionable. According to Twitter’s policies, sending automated replies based on keyword searches is not permitted, so I doubt this would work either. However, you might have a suggestion for how this could work out.

I’m thinking of something similar to @AskJelly, which monitors for posts on the hashtag #AskJelly, then submits them to the search engine / Q&A site. Of course, this is an obvious hashtag where the intent of the tweet is made obvious. Building something similar for lost pets is different, as one would have to use hashtags such as #lostpet and #lostdoggie instead, because people don’t really know about the various lost pet databases out there, and the best way to help people would be to find them immediately without them researching lost pet databases first.

Anyway, I think that it’s an interesting project and I would love to pursue it if I can. You may have some suggestions for how I could make the project fit more within Twitter’s policies.



The best I can suggest is that you take a look at our Automation policy.



I already have read through that :grinning:. Indeed, it was that article in particular that lead to my question.