Rules about commercial use of the twitter API and its data



Can I use a user tweeted images and tweets in a commercial app?
What is the limitation?


You’re free to use embedded Tweet views (via the oEmbed endpoint, or Twitter’s web widgets, or via Twitter Kit for iOS and Android) which follow Twitter’s display requirements. Our developer policy and related information covers this.


Thanks for your extensive reply. Two more questions:

  1. What about analytics? most frequent words in a tweet and a general info about tweets?
  2. What the rules about displaying an avatar by itself? I mean, not showing the tweets only displaying the user who has that profile?

Sorry for asking so many questions but the support don’t reply me back plus the toc are i a legal language and if i’m not an English native, I can’t understand the rules…


There’s no API for analytics that you describe so ultimately if you somehow calculate frequency of words used in a set of Tweets, that’s your data to display.

As long as you’re not storing and using user profile images commercially without a user’s consent I see no issue. If a user profile is public and you load the current image from the profile URL into your app, that seems to be to be reasonable. It really depends on the intent of your app and this usage.


Thank you very much for each reply. it helps a lot.

The app’s is there to show analytics from several (3 actually for now) aspects. one of the features is the most frequent word used. is that still legit regarding using the profile image?

When you state “…using user profile images commercially”, the app will eventually be commercial (I hope someday if it will bring traffic).
I won’t use the images as a main or a fixed header. only when you search for let’s say kim kardashian, you will the first 3 users that come up, with their profile image which are display in the regular twitter search.
You then select the “right” user and then see his analytics (not private users of course).

Thanks in advance


Makes sense to me, I don’t currently see any issue with what you’re describing.


Thanks for all the help


Hi, I thought I would put this in the same thread.

Can I use embedded tweets on a commercial blog?



Yes, but you should be aware of the Developer Agreement and Policy, and specifically the section on Twitter for Websites.


Thanks for getting back to me, Andy. I’ll check out the section you mentioned.


Due to this topic I have a question about licensing.

  1. Is there a special license on the Twitter Streaming API?
  2. If I want to publish an app which uses the Twitter Streaming API are there some license restrictions?
    For example I have to publish my application under this and that license, because I am using the twitter
    streaming API.

I read the Developer Agreement and Policy, but is there a specific license on the API?