RSS (or archive) with specific user's tweets as well as entire conversations


Some of the most meaningful/socially-relevant discussions on Twitter occur through replies to existing posts, and replies to those replies. Thus, entire conversations are created. While logged into twitter, I can simply click on “show conversation” to see each preceding comment and be reminded of the context (thanks, Twitter!).

If I wish to have an RSS with my tweets as well as entire conversations in which I have participated, how do I go about it?
If I use the method, the RSS does not show the tweets from other users within the conversation. Thus, the RSS (or any archive made from the RSS) will lose a lot of the valuable context in the conversation.

I understand the Twitter philosophy is to facilitate communication, but not necessarily make a “monument” out of past tweets/discussions. However, since some conversations often generate new ideas/insights/value, I think it helps to be able to RSS (and/or archive) those conversations in their entirety, so that the contributions of the different participants can be acknowledged.

Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

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