RSS Feed, Webpage No Longer Exists


My RSS feed has for some reason vanished. It used to be located at the following link until today.

I don’t see any alerts about the RSS url changing so can someone shed some light on how to get my RSS feed link back? Thank you.


Nevermind fiugured it out.


Would you mind sharing what you found out? I have the same problem.


RSS, Atom, and XML responses are no-longer formats returned by the Twitter API. It’s JSON only now.


Mine is using JSON, but the twitter is suddenly not working on my website. Do I need to change anything at below?

<?php if(isset($_GET["screen_name"])) { if(isset($_GET["count"])) { echo file_get_contents("{$_GET["screen_name"]}&count={$_GET["count"]}"); } else { echo file_get_contents("{$_GET["screen_name"]}"); } } ?>