RSS feed issue


The feed we’ve been using: feed://
stopped working last night. We need a real RSS feed that works, can you help?


I had the same problem. This URL works:


See this FAQ entry for more on this topic:



What will happen with RSS feeds when API v1.1 starts working? TL RSS feeds are a very important tool for several jobs. Options?


The RSS response format will cease functioning when API v1 is retired. On March 5th, you’ll experience a one hour blackout from 9am to 10am PST where the final state of such endpoints can be witnessed in advance of the final cut off.

API v1.1 is JSON-only and requires auth. You should adapt your uses of the RSS feeds to the richer data offered in our JSON representations. If you leverage RSS feeds for display on a website, you should use [node:10248].


Check out this link to begin!:slight_smile: