Rich Card image not displaying



Hey guys im having an issue with the large card image displaying in my website can i have some help please as i cant seem to get it working. my website is please let me know how to get this working.


Have you checked the troubleshooting post? What have you tried already?


id like to state that im not a developer and i dont know much about code what ive tried so far is this. ive attached an image to show the coding.

but it doesnt show the image can you tell me why please.

#4 is explicitly disallowing access to images for all crawlers via the robots.txt file. You’ll need to discuss that with them.


can you be more specific as to what i would have to say to them so i can get a fix



ive just checked with weebly and there doesnt seem to be an issue.


Posting images is not helpful as it makes it difficult to copy and paste URLs.

You posted an image with a reference for twitter:image content with a link - if you then check the robots.txt file for that domain it blocks crawlers.

This is very difficult to spend time on when the basic links are blocking access to the data you want to show in cards. Sorry but please work with your host before asking us to spend time debugging. Thank you.

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