Rewarded video ad network integration



I’ve been following the guide here, and the farthest I’ve managed to get so far is to get the two networks I’m targeting integrated (Chartboost and AdColony), but then get nothing but MoPub: Custom Event failed to load rewarded video in a timely fashion. and System.err: at com.mopub.common.MoPubLifecycleManager.onStart and System.err: at com.mopub.common.MoPub.onStart , not just for onStart() but for all lifecycle methods. I have set up the networks in my MoPub dashboard and provided all the necessary values as far as I can tell, and test mode should be on for the ad module in both networks.

Does anyone know how exactly I’m supposed to add the extra classes into my Android Studio project, or whether there is something else I’m missing that is causing this issue?

EDIT: I managed to get test ads from both networks to show up after two steps: moving the custom event classes specicifically to the folder src/main/com/mopub/mobileads, and adding Activities for both Chartboost and AdColony fullscreen ads into my manifest, a step that was never mentioned in any Fabric or MoPub integration guide. The lifecycle errors still remain but don’t seem to be causing any problems, suggestions on how to get rid of them are of course welcome.


Hi @jkyrki,

Thanks for reaching out to us! First, I wanted to note that you should not be using MoPub testing mode as this feature is no longer supported. Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused!

The logs you provided lead us to believe the error might have to do with your caching logic. Can you reach out to with a summary of your issue and the following information so they can help you dig into this further? You’ll also want to include the following in your email:

  • MoPub, Chartboost and AdColony SDK versions
  • A description of your caching logic. When are ads loaded and when are they shown? How much time is there between the load and show?
  • Your MoPub login and corresponding ad unit ID