Reusing media with multiple tweets


If I upload an image and get its media id and try and use it with more than one status update I get the “Status is a duplicate” error. Is this possible - I want to use the media with more than one tweet (from a single user) but don’t want to create multiple images/uploads for this purpose.

Is there any way to do this?


Currently it is not possible. If you try to do so, as you already observed, you get a Status is a duplicate. (Error 187)

The error message is a bit confusing, though. Currently there is no way to attach the image to more than one Tweet.


The duplicate status error is not ideal - but just to check, did you use the same text, or just the same media ID?


For the first Tweet I used the text: test tweet, for the second test tweet number two. So not exactly the same.


Yeah - same for me - I used the same media_id and different text - this resulted in the error.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll see whether we want to clarify the error message in this case.


I’d prefer that you allowed multiple tweets with the same media ID :wink:


Is it possible for one person to remove a media url, and thus affect all the other tweets containing the same media_id (if it was allowed)