Retweets of my Summary Card w/ Large Image...only display links, no image?


Is there a way for large image to show up on retweets of my summary w/ lg image? instead of just link?


Cards should show on retweets as far as I understand it… - can you provide a link to a specific example of a Tweet where this is not the case?


[Someone’s timeline retweeting my summary w/ image](

Aside from @SoCalSteve9, Sam sees more top prospects than anyone.

— Les Lukach (@LesLukach) June 3, 2016

The link above is someone retweeting my Summary w/ Lg Image but only link displays…no image?


That’s a quoted Tweet. The quoted Tweet itself renders as a card, and we don’t support “cards within cards”, so that’s why your image is not showing there. A regular Retweet would still show the card, because the user would not have quoted and then added their own comment.


Hello! Slightly different problem, I’ve validated my twitter card and everything seems in order, but my tweet has been posted for an hour now and still no card, even if you click on the tweet.

Here’s the Tweet:

And the actual link:

It should be summary large card. Worked when validated.


UPDATE: Somehow it’s working now? I validated a different card, maybe something needed to be re-cached.