Retweets not showing



Im trying to show my tweets (And retweets) on my site, using twittercallback2 function, this is the script im using to show the tweets on twwet_update_list div:

Tweets are showing, but not the same with retweets… as you can see im using the “include_rts=1” argument, but still retweets not showing… only tweets

¿What is the problem here?



Do you know if the code you’re using for this integration is retweet-aware? It may just be skipping over retweeted tweets in the response… Where did you get the script that you’re using?


Hi episod,

I toke the code from google searchs, i saw in all sites this is the code to bring your tweets to your site
¿What can be the changes in the code to show reetweeted tweets?

(Sorry for my english)


I’m going bonkers, months of gathering information as to which pages are most re-Tweeted has simply disappeared from the website. The front page had 76,200 re-Tweets but now only shows 14,600 re-Tweets. Other pages have almost totally lost their re-Tweets. When are they coming back.

Have other people got similar issues with their re-Tweet Buttons on their websites missing tens of thousands of re-Tweets too

I’m so unhappy :@(

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