Retweets not marked as retweets


I’m using the search api and trying to filter out retweets. However, i’m seeing tweets that appear to be retweets such as:

“text”: "RT @mgabrielGlobal: Attention #Shoppers! A Saks Fifth Ave. in downtown #Vancouver? Hudson’s Bay Co. To buy Saks in $2.4B deal. Full Story …”


“retweeted”: false

Is this busted in the search api at the moment?


The “retweeted” boolean only indicates whether the current authenticated user has recently retweeted the tweet in question, not whether the tweet itself is a retweet or not. Native retweets will always have a retweeted_status child node with the original status object embedded inside it.

There are some tweets you’ll see that are “soft”/old-school retweets. These are done without the explicit “retweet” functionality offered on Twitter are technically not considered retweets. They’re just tweets a user created that starts with RT and happens to have text from another user’s tweet in them.