Retweets not appearing in Search API results


My application uses Search API to filter tweets having mention of a handlename. I want re-tweets to be in included in the search results as well. Earlier upon searching, I was getting re-tweets in search results but today I noticed that the re-tweets are no longer appearing in search results.

Is there any change in API which is causing this?
How do I get retweets in the search results?


Same here. As of yesterday (I think), retweets were included in search results. Today, they’re not. My app relies on retweets - that is, tweets with a “retweeted_status”, being included. Can you tell us what’s the expected behavior going forward?



It’s been two days that Search API only returns tweets. Is this an error, if not, is there any new way to get all tweets and retweets, natives included?


I have noticed that retweets have disappeared from the Search API. The research I am doing depends on having retweet information. as well a tweets. Search API is pretty much useless if it excludes retweets. Can access to retreets be restored please.


Same here. RTs do not showing, a huge problem because without RTs you can not measure the real reach and impact of your hashtags. Twitter please fix this ASAP.


Same here!


I hope this is a temporary change due to World Cup load. Twitter may be saving some resources by not indexing retweets for search.


Same here, since 27 Jun!!

What’s the problem???


Please fix this ASAP because every impact report is wrong.


Thank you all for reporting this.

We are currently investigating the issue and will keep you updated on this thread.


Any advance? I have tried almost every Twitter Analytics tool and they all show wrong data without the RTs.

Thanks in advance


Having the same problem here, @romainhuet any news? Thanks.


any update? Checked the search API today, retweets still missing. When will this be fixed?


Please, any update?

This issue is killing me


Hello everyone,

The engineering team has tracked down the issue and implemented a fix. It will be deployed tomorrow (Wednesday), so you can expect to see retweeted_status again in the Search API results.

I will update this thread when the fix is in production.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



Thank you!


Thanks for the update!


Thank you!


ALELUYA!!! It is fixed! Thanks Twitter

Thanks @romainhuet


thanks Twitter for update and fix. Looking good. Thanks again