RETWEETS Count of #tag



Hello All, I hope you guys are best with your health and research work. I want some help, I want a count of Retweets of a particular #tag? For example, AppleX is the #tag and I want its total no. of RETWEETS with its text. Is it possible?


There’s no API for this unfortunately. You’d have to use search to try to figure it out.


Thanks for the reply, please reply to this question too.

Do parent tweets get a score of child retweets? Like if a user U tweets, user A retweets it, and User B retweets from A, NOW User U will get a count of User A retweets? If its possible (By Default), we can determine this through Search Tweet GET Requests?


No, that data is not part of the Tweet object.


No is there any other way to find this count? Some useful hint can solve my problem :slight_smile: