Retweeting a tweet multiple times



Regarding the recent announcement and adding the ability to retweet your own tweets, I’d like to ask whether there are any limits to retweeting the same tweet multiple times.

Let’s say that I retweet a tweet at 8am. At 2pm I undo that retweet and retweet it again. Then I repeat that same action at 9pm. Wil that tweet pop up multiple times on my followers timeline? If so, I hope there are going to be some new limitations when the update comes into effect.


AFAIK, “Undo Retweet & retweet Again” is equivalent to deleting a Tweet & Creating a new one, so yes, it should appear as a new tweet in your timeline.

There are limitations for “Duplicate tweets” that may or may not apply - but it’s hard to know for definite.


I believe there are some time limitations disallowing the tweet to pop up back on my followers timeline. Don’t know exactly what tey are, but yesterday I tried to retweet a tweet again after retweeting it for the first time 6 hours earlier and it did not show up on my followers timeline. BUT when I today retweeted a tweet I retweeted for the first time two days ago, it popped up again.


Yeah - Most Twitter guidelines to do with tweet limits / duplicate tweets - or rather any “write action” are vague - i don’t think hard rules for something like this can exist, given that the filtering system (BotMaker) isn’t just simple thresholds - more like a large set of rules that most likely change over time.