Retweeters in python is not working


I am trying to get a list of all the user ids who retweeted a tweet. here is my code:

def reqs(): t = Twitter(auth=OAuth('.........')) tweets = t.statuses.user_timeline.snl() tw = tweets[0]['id'] td = tweets[0]['retweet_count'] rp = tweets[0] pl = t.statuses.retweeters.ids(id=tw) print pl

I get an error stating that the page does not exist, but when I change the line from

pl = t.statuses.retweeters.ids(id=tw)


pl =

it works

is there something I am not seeing?


Which python library are you using? Check that:


is calling out to /1.1/statuses/retweeters/:ids


i am using python 2.7.5. thanks, but I figured out a work around:

pl = print pl[0]['user']['screen_name']


which twitter python library were you using?