Retweeters/ids CURSOR NOT WORK


Hi. I use the query statuses/retweeters/ids. On Twitter, the ID of which I send a lot of retweets.
But in the answer I do not get cursor pointer to pick up all the retweets.

[next_cursor] => 0
[next_cursor_str] => 0
[previous_cursor] => 0
[previous_cursor_str] => 0

At the moment I can get less than 100 values. The documentation says that > While this method supports the cursor parameter, the entire result set can be returned in a single cursored collection.
How can I get the cursor for the next query?


I recently came across this as well. The cursor is ignored, this endpoint only returns the most recent 100 retweeters.


Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?
Or maybe we need to contact the developers? I’m not sure that they read all such messages.


I’m not aware of any intent to change this at the moment, but I’ll raise internally to see if this is a documentation defect.


Thank you. I hope you will allow this method to be used with all possible options. This is a very useful method in some cases.


This issue still seems to persist, no cursor is being sent by

Is there any other way to gather all retweeter of a specific status? I really need that for scientific purposes.


It seems as if it’s limited to the 100 most recent, with no cursoring, by design. The documentation is just wrong and should be updated.


Same problem, doc is wrong or not clear enough! Make me lose time!


The documentation says it only returns up to 100.

Returns a collection of up to 100 user IDs belonging to users who have retweeted the Tweet


Yeah but that’s at least a little ambiguous. Obviously we know it’s 100 total but new people could read that as 100 per page, especially since the parameters table includes a cursor field that does nothing. Also the example request below it includes a count variable but the parameters table says nothing about that.

This page of the documentation should definetely be revisited.


Reading through this, I agree (as I’ve said before) that this is confusing, but it is documented that this will not return more than 100 and is it also stated that the cursoring is optional and handled differently based on the default page size accepting 100. I do have this on my radar to improve the docs for, and I’m sorry that this has caused people to lose cycles.


Any chance this could be fixed to return all retweeters?


There are no plans to make this change.


Problem is still here