Retweeted tweets not returning favourite count


Hi, I’ve noticed that favourite_count field in retweeted tweets is returning always zero. Anyone knows if it is suposed to be like that, or it’s an error?

Original tweet

"retweet_count" => 36
"favorite_count" => 12

Retweeted tweet

"retweet_count" => 36
"favorite_count" => 0


I’ve seen this behavior too, and I would say it’s a little bit inconsistent.
When using the API’s timeline endpoint, if a status is a retweet, the retweet_count value is the same as the one in the nested retweeted_status, but the favorite_count is always zero, although the original tweet has any like.

IMHO it should either be zero or have the same value in both of the properties. Does it make sense to anyone else?


Yes, this doesn’t make sense to me neither.
I suppose on the retweeted tweet info you would only have to see its own favorites and retweets. Something like this:

Original tweet

“retweet_count” => 36
"favorite_count" => 12

Retweeted tweet

“retweet_count” => 1
"favorite_count" => 2

But if not, at least be consistent. Either they are the number of retweets and favorites from the original tweet or they are not.



I have the same problem in my application. If the “favorite_count” attribute is returned it should be a consistent value, not always zero. I need this value fixed for my application to work as expected.

Can you give us an answer, please?