Retweeted tweet has no retweets


I have a tweet that shows as having a retweet when viewing it on, and I can view the retweets of the tweet in two mobile apps. However, when I pass the ID through to statuses/retweets/:id, I get an empty result back. This seems to be the only tweet, that I’ve noticed, that does this. Do you have any suggestions? The tweet is from July 2010 but as other apps are showing the retweets I’m unsure why my call doesn’t give me them.


OK, it seems I’ve been using the id_str for my retweet of the tweet, not the id_str of the original tweet. If I go to it redirects to but calling statuses/retweets/:id with the retweeted_tweet_id doesn’t follow this same redirect. Slightly annoying but my fault for using the wrong id_str.