Retweeted hashtags are lost


I’m writing an application that counts the number of tweets that have a given hashtag. As in
Some loooong text #CountMe

However, when somebody retweets one of my these tweets, they are truncated in the Streaming API, and I see:
RT @someuser: Some looong text \u2026

So I cannot see the #CountMe tag anymore! What’s even more ridiculous, is that the use that reweeted it sees the entire post?!

I looked at all the entries given by Twython, where I can access the old tweet in its entirety. However, I assume I won’t be able to do so if this message is retweeted again, I imagine?

What’s the point of adding this RT to the front of the text, and truncating the tweets, if we can already access the original poster if necessary? Is there a way out of this mess?


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