Retweeted always false



I’m trying to get a count of tweets retweeted by the authenticated user. In the older API v1, I used to loop through all tweets returned by retweeted_by_me call. In the new version this API is not there and hence trying to loop through statuses/user_timeline and looking for retweeted flag set to true to get this count. I’m setting include_rts to true. Any ideas?



I have observed the same issue, the problem definitely exists, but in my case it was when using the latest Streaming API. Have you been able to reproduce this problem with the new API v1.1 also?


I just realised retweeted and favourited are set from the user perspective. The answer is in @9508 and @9041, the point is that the favourite or retweeted BOOLEAN flag is only set if the user making the request fulfils the condition (e.g., retweeted that tweet or favourite it).