Retweet with comment "quoted_status" entity not appearing in REST API


I’ve been testing the new retweet with comment thing (where you post a link to the tweet and receive the “quoted_status” dictionary back via the streaming api. However, it does not seem to be appearing in the rest api. I’ve enabled including entities and all that, but for some reason it will only appear in the streaming api, even when loading the same exact tweet via the rest api. Am I missing something obvious?


I’m also experiencing this issue, quoted_status and other quote related fields are missing from the user_timeline rest API endpoint for retweets with comments (quotes).


The announcement said it would be rolling out over the next few weeks, not the next few days.


I was unaware there was an announcement, or that this was a very recent addition! I’m looking at the docs which state it should be there and it’s not. Any chance of a reference? I can’t seem to find any announcements about this. Cheers.


I understand that the announcement said it would be rolling out. However I saw Twitter clients that supported it starting a week after via the REST API yet I’m not getting it when I poll the REST API myself, so I was wondering if I’d missed something.


They probably aren’t using the quoted_status object but manually hydrating it based on the Twitter link and statuses/lookup.json


I would agree, but there’s no way they’re able to manually hydrate all these tweets without hitting the API limit. There’s no loading time at all. They’re instantly displayed right in the timeline. I myself am getting the quoted_status objects when I connect to the streaming API, just not when I’m connecting to the REST API. I would understand if I wasn’t getting the quoted_status objects from either endpoints, but my initial confusion stemmed from the fact that I’m only getting them via one of the endpoints.


You can do this without hitting limits for a single account.

A timeline only has 200 tweets in a single call, statuses/lookup.json allows you to manually lookup 100 statuses at a time.

It’s unlikely all 200 tweets in a single request will all have quoted tweets in them. It’s a good stop gap until quoted_status is added to the API directly.

I’ve been using this method for weeks with no rate limit issues.


I suppose you’re right… Thanks for all the responses!