Retweet webintent problem when retweeting a tweet of mine



I have a problem on my website (which only appeared today)
first: when i try to retweet a tweet of mine, it gives an error (“Not Found The tweet you requested was not found”)

second: i have to click the retweet button twice for it to work.

my code is very simple

<a href="" class="retweet"> retweet this</a>

so any clues please?


Where/when do you see the first error? If you get an error message, how do you get to the retweet button?

Does this work on other computers or browsers? I was able to retweet from that link,



regarding the retweet that needs 2 clicks, kindly try it on the following websites

so do you know why is that?

second, regarding retweeting my own tweet, What i do is to search for my retweets, embed it in my website, and then click the retweet button (created by me).
it opens the popup for retweet, and when i click retweet it gives that error: (“Not Found The tweet you requested was not found”)

I think the problem is that twitter itself doesn’t have retweet on one’s own tweets, do u agree with me?



Thanks, I’ve filed for the two clicks issue, and for the “not found” message.

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