Retweet vs. retweeting retweeted status display guidelines


I would just like to clarify a question I have regarding the display guidelines regarding retweets and retweeting retweets.

I’ve written a javascript display method for my website to display my timeline on a side bar. Any of my own original tweets are being built according to guidelines, until I come to retweets, and the guidelines confuse me a little lol.

If I RETWEET an original tweet - should I:

  1. display the original tweet, links to the original user, status and intents etc. and indicate that I have retweeted it with the “retweeted by” beneath the status;


  1. display my retweeted status, relying on the “RT @user” to link to the original tweet-or…if so, is there anything I would need to link back to the original tweet in any way? I’m sure there would be some acknowledgement of the original user and their content?

In the case of RETWEETING A RETWEET, just to clarify, I would:

  • display the user, with the name linked, who retweeted the status beneath the status…but the tweet would be the originator’s profile image, link, status, intents etc.? Is this correct? Assuming a two level deep status of course lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any help anyone can offer :slight_smile: