Retweet missing media of original tweet in API response


Hi all,

I’m investigating a problem where my retweets via the API seem to be ‘disappearing’, and in the course of collecting more info, I’ve run into the problem described below.

I retweeted this tweet on Dec 16, 2017: . This tweet has one media in it, i.e. the artwork. When I request this tweet from the API via statuses/show/id, I get a correct response.

However, when I request the retweet via the API (link: ), the media entities array is empty. All the other fields in the API response seem to be fine though.

Is this intended behaviour after a certain period of time? I have tweet_mode_extended enabled, so I’m not sure yet why this would be happening.


I’m having the same issue with missing media. Here are two retweets from the same account. Both of the original tweets have media, but only one of the retweets has media:


For Tweet ID 941843502266118144 I see that the extended_entities node (containing the media entities) is present inside the retweeted_status node, which is what I would expect.


With tweet_mode=extended on the API calls, both of these Tweets include values in the response as far as I can see.


Ah, I think I’ve gotten myself confused somewhere - for some reason I thought the retweet contained the same media as the original tweet rather than in the retweeted_status object. The API calls work correctly when I do them manually, so it’s working as expected, just got mixed up somewhere along the way.

Thanks for the help Andy, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:


Hey @andypiper, I think I’ve discovered where my confusion came from: I’ve just tested with a couple of different tweets and my retweets that I’ve been investigating, and came up with inconsistent results. Some examples are below.

First case:
Tweet ID 946291989279997952 (original tweet by ydh2101) contains 1 media entity, as expected.
Tweet ID 946958386767286272 (my retweet of that tweet) contains 1 media entity directly inside the response, not in the retweeted_status node, which I wasn’t expecting to be there given the information in your last post.

Second case:
Tweet ID 946096188763205632 (original tweet by Zolaiida) contains 1 media entity, as expected.
Tweet ID 946995635068207104 (my retweet of that tweet) contains no media entities.

Do you know why it’s different between these cases? I would have assumed that either the retweet consistently contains no media except in the retweeted_status node, or that it’s always there, but it seems to vary.

I’m slowly running through a table of 2000 tweets and their associated retweets testing for a different issue, so I can probably find other examples of this behaviour if required.


My examples are similar to what @antsstyle is seeing. Both of the tweets I listed do contain but only one of them contains and


@vipucks As I understand it, only the array is relevant when retrieving media in tweets - the array is a legacy object, back from when Twitter only allowed a single photo in tweets as media. (See

Sorry if you were already aware of that, just thought I’d point it out :slight_smile:

The examples I have are missing in some cases and not others, which is where I’d expect the media information to be either consistently present or absent.


We can ignore the array but I still think we are both seeing the same problem. I looked at all the example retweets you’ve given and my examples have the same issue:

The retweets are missing in some cases and not others, while is always present


Yeah, that’s it. It’s not exactly a big problem, but it’s a bit confusing/inconsistent.