Retweet full name display requirements



I often turn off retweets on profiles that retweet too often. Currently Full Name is used at the top of a retweet to show who retweeted.

Users can change their Full Name to something as short as “.”. When those retweets show up in the timeline, it’s almost impossible to click Full Name to visit their profile.

Because some accounts change Full Name so frequently, it also makes it hard to keep track of who is retweeting things.

My suggestions

  • Username be shown on retweets rather than Full Name OR
  • A minimum string length be required for Full Name OR
  • A minimum clickable width for Full Name

If there is any info already about this please reply with that below. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback! The most appropriate place to share this and any other suggestions you have about the Twitter product is using the appropriate product feedback form in the Help Center. We appreciate any ideas you have about how to make Twitter better.

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