Retweet event is not firing


The event.bind for retweet is not firing for my site at all. Other event types are firing fine.

My code for tweeting triggers fine:'follow', function (event) { ... }

But my retweet event doesn’t work:'retweet', function (event) { ... }

I create a tweet to retweet like this:

            tweetId, this, function (iframe) {}, {
              conversation: 'none',
              cards: 'none'

All code is within the ready function:

twttr.ready(function (twttr) { ... }

Is it actually broken? I did a work-around to manually parse the messages. Please try to fix this issue because I don’t expect this to survive forever:

    $(window).bind("message", function(event) {
        if( && {
            var tweetId =\d+)/)[1];