Retweet counts - total per user possible from public REST?



I’m interested in getting the total number of retweets that a user has made - I’m not interested in the individual statuses, just the totals.

This would be helpful info for those of us having a go at “bot-spotting” - the ReTweet-to-non-RT-status_update ratio can be useful as part of statistically sifting possible bots out from the mass of users.

I can’t see that this is available from the public REST API. I can see that I can get status_count, but because the non-enterprise search api is limited to the past 7 days we can’t even search and sum RTs to do the calculation for accts > 7 days old.

Am I correct here or have I missed something?


There’s no way to do this with the standard API, and I imagine it would be an incredibly intensive operation using the enterprise APIs.


thanks for the quick answer & confirmation andy.