Retweet_count and favorite count always zero


Is it just me or are these values always zero, even when I search and find a single tweet which the Twitter search web page shows has been favourited and retweeted many times.

I always see this in my API response:


Thanks for reporting this – looking into it and reporting it to the engineering team.


No problem, thanks for quick reply and look forward to some news.

BTW - Tested the streaming API just too and it seemed the same.


For search/tweets:
retweet_count is always zero
retweeted_status->retweet_count is always zero

However, for statuses/user_timeline:
retweet count is sometimes non-zero


For statuses/filter:

retweet_count is always zero
retweeted_statuses->retweet_count is always non-zero


Hi - Just wondering if there is any update on this, do you know if engineering have validated this as an issue/bug?


I can confirm it’s indeed a bug in the search API. Our engineers are working to resolve it, hopefully by the end of the week – it’s a bug in the way a few layers of our system are interacting.

As for the Streaming API, I can not reproduce this bug there – a steady stream of non-zero retweet and favorite counts are to be found there. Newly created tweets have their expected zero retweet and favorites (since they were just created). Newly created retweets have non-zero retweet_count and favorite_count values as children of the “retweeted_status” node, as is appropriate/typical depending on the states of the original tweet and the availability of the data in real-time at the time of streaming (in other words, those numbers aren’t exact 100% of the time due to the distributed nature of Twitter and the deliver-first philosophy of tweets).


Oh yea, should have realised that with the streaming API… :slight_smile:



Hi Taylor, is there any kind of view on this situation? You expected that this was solved end of this week. Thanks


Hi @episod any status on the fix for this search API bug? Thanks!


It seems to work again… I’m getting results… hopefully not for just a moment…


This should now be resolved; you may see some varying results for older tweets, but given that the index is only a few days long, everything should be back to normal shortly.


Great - Thank you!


Thanks =)


Still not working :frowning:

The results for “search_retweet_count” don’t match with the actual Retweets achieved by a post (I checked this manually).

Also, the variables “search_retweeted” and “search_favorited” are delivered as logical values (True and False), but they are always set with false so there is no way to count the actual amount of that kind of interactions.

Could you please check this subject again?


I’m having this same problem. 0 retweet count, 0 favorite count.


Hi All

Looks like others (including myself) are still having issues with this…

We’re still having problems with this in Feb 2015 - but looks like the issue dates back to May 2013?

Most data pulls through robustly but we are trying to pull Number of Tweets and Number of Times Retweeted and are constantly getting 0.

Any news / help would be much appreciated.

Thanks :smiley:


For statuses/show/:id and statuses/lookup, retweet count is correct but favorite count is always zero.


The favourite count will only be non-zero if the Tweet is from the authenticated user.


I’m new to TwitDev but can you explain how a user who is not authenticated can respond to a tweet?


(I ask because I, too, am getting 0 on retweet_count/favorite_count)